Junior Fellows’ Publications

Shai Dromi

Uneasy Settlements: Reparation Politics and the Meanings of Money in the Israeli Withdrawal from Gaza.” Sociological Inquiry 84, no. 1 (2014).

“Penny for your Thoughts: Beggars and the Exercise of Morality in Daily Life.” Sociological Forum 27, no. 4 (Forthcoming December 2012).

“Trauma Construction and Moral Restriction: The Ambiguity of the Holocaust for Israel” (with Jeffrey C. Alexander). In Narrating Trauma: On the Impact of Collective Suffering, edited by Ron Eyerman, Jeffrey C. Alexander and Elisabeth Butler Breese, 107-132. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers, 2011.

  • Reprinted as “Holocaust and Trauma: Moral Restriction in Israel” in Alexander, Jeffrey C., Trauma: A Social Theory. London: Polity (2012).

Recovering Morality: Pragmatic Sociology and Literary Studies” (with Eva Illouz). New Literary History 41, no. 2 (2010): 351-369.

February 14, 2011

Carolyn Ly

More than a Library?: Urban Poverty and an Exploratory Look at the Role of a Neighborhood Institution,” Introduction by Waverly Duck, Perspectives on Urban Education Fall 2010

Mira Debs

“The Suffering of Symbols: Giotto Frescoes and the Cultural Trauma of Objects” in Cultural Sociology Published online 30 August 2012.