Supper Culture Club – Spring 2013

Tuesday evening from 6:00 – 8:00
Second Floor Seminar Room – 210 Prospect Street

Tuesday, April 2

Grzegorz Brzozowski, University of Warsaw, CCS Visiting Graduate Student

Iconic Power and Visual Research Methodologies – The Documentary Case

Screening of two short films by Grzegorz followed by discussion.
Today in Warsaw, Tomorrow Whatever

Tuesday, April 9

Mira Debs, Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow

“Raising Change: Parents, Urban Montessori Schools and Civic Participation” Dissertation Prospectus

Tuesday, April 16

Julia Rozanova, Yale University, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Lecturer in Epidemiology, CCS Visiting Independent Researcher, 2012-13

“Live Fast, Die Well and Leave a Good Looking Corpse”: Cultures of Aging among American Veterans

I have submitted two versions of my readings for Supper Club. The first is the full paper, and the second is the short synopsis of the paper plus the note that puts the paper in the context of my larger project. When constrained on time, it is okay to only read the short version. I look forward to comments from the participants about this paper, and about a larger research project that it starts for me and that I will do next year, focusing on American Veterans and their heroic battle in the civilian society to overcome stigma and to live long and healthy lives, and race as a crucial part of this story. The site for this research, which will be largely ethnographic, is VA Connecticut Hospital.

Tuesday, April 23

Jiang Zhang, Fudan University, CCS Visiting Graduate Student

The Weibo Theatre: Social Drama, Moral Discourse, and the Public